SHIPPING DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that *full lace* wigs are subject to take between 3-4 months to ship if no other delays due to higher volumes than normal. ANY wigs 26" or longer, large cap sizes, or full lace are subject to take up to 4 months to ship so please keep that in mind. We are working on having all orders shipped out in a timely fashion. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Xoxo WhatWigs

Collection: Colorful Wigs

This collection features a wide variety of made to order colorful wigs. Please allow 6-9 weeks for these.

Every wig listed in this collection comes in either lace frontal or full lace, your choice! 

Lace Front: This option provides wigs made with 13x6 HD transparent lace frontal with wefting in the back. This gives you freedom to part your hair anywhere in the front as well as wear it half up if you choose to. This is perfect for those who don't wear their hair fully up but still like a lot of versatility with their part.

Full Lace: This option provides wigs made with transparent HD full lace all over. This gives you freedom to part your hair anywhere on the head as the entire cap is hand tied. This cap style is the most luxurious as you can part the wig anywhere on the head as well as wear it up in ponytails, buns, etc. Since there is no wefting it is also the most breathable and lightweight cap style I offer.

All wigs are made with 100% virgin human hair and HD transparent lace

Please note that despite all efforts to perfectly replicate each wig, they are all custom colored and may turn out slightly different than the photo.

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