SHIPPING DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that *full lace* wigs are subject to take between 3-4 months to ship if no other delays due to higher volumes than normal. ANY wigs 26" or longer, large cap sizes, or full lace are subject to take up to 4 months to ship so please keep that in mind. We are working on having all orders shipped out in a timely fashion. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Xoxo WhatWigs

WhatLace Kit
WhatLace Kit
WhatLace Kit

WhatLace Kit

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Get everything you need to secure that wig and have a flawless and easy install!

This kit comes with:

  • WhatLace spray 
  • WhatLace melting band 
  • WhatLace detail application brush


The WhatLace Spray is a quick and easy lace wig spray that is gentle on the hair line, perfect for everyday lace wig wearers, and will make everyone wonder, What Lace?! It can be easily removed with water and does not leave a heavy residue.

This spray is designed for versatility, with a formula provides and ultra long hold and dries quickly making the installation process super quick and easy. It has a light strawberry scent and is 6 fl. oz. 


  1. Spray WhatLace spray directly onto hairline or for more precision spray into cap and use the WhatLace detail brush to paint onto hairline. Let the spray get tacky before applying wig.
  2. Apply wig and add more WhatLace Spray if necessary
  3. Wrap your WhatLace melting band around your head and apply to the lace and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes to ensure the most undetectable install!
  4. SLAY! 

*Only available in the United States*