Due to COVID-19, and the shortage of human hair and lace wigs in the industry, there will be a delay in the shipping time. Any wigs 26" or longer as well as large cap sizes are subject to take up to 3 months to ship so please keep that in mind. We are working on having all orders shipped out in a timely fashion. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Stay Safe! 

Wrap around pony
Wrap around pony
Wrap around pony

Wrap around pony

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  • 30 inches
  • multi dimensional dark brown with several different shades of dark brown, caramel, and a few pops of blonde
  • russian Slavic hair which is of the highest quality hair money can buy. With proper care this hair can last you several years
  • 500 grams 
  • wrap around pony style with Velcro and one clip